Sustainable Oneway

At Oneway, the environment and our contribution to climate change have been important themes for over ten years. With every decision we make, we prioritize sustainability. This is evident in even the smallest aspects of our operations, such as separating our waste and eliminating the use of plastic for shipping our products. But we also think big: our new office building, constructed in 2021, was designed to be as sustainable as possible, with careful consideration given to every detail.

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Our building

During the construction of our building in Rotterdam, we have been committed to building as sustainably as possible from the very beginning. In addition to using ample wood in the ceilings, the exterior of our office is entirely constructed with wooden materials, and many of the materials used are reusable.

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1300 solar panels

The new office building is not connected to the gas network. Instead, we use a heat pump for heating, which provides warm water for the office’s underfloor heating and the heater in the lobby. With modern technologies, the climate in each room of the building is automatically regulated, ensuring that no unnecessary energy is consumed.

All the electricity needed for heating and daily energy supply comes from over 1,300 solar panels on our roof. On a sunny day, we generate enough energy to power more than 400 households.

Thanks to these solar panels and our energy-efficient systems, our building has been awarded the A+++++ energy label, the best possible label in the Netherlands.

Sustainable packaging

With our bicycles, we play a significant role in the energy transition. Ensuring that all bicycles, parts, and accessories are delivered to our customers without damage is crucial, but we are committed to minimizing our impact on the environment during the packaging process. We make a conscious effort to use as little plastic or other harmful packaging materials as possible.

Moreover, the brands we carry in our portfolio share our commitment to reducing waste and plastic usage, as well as implementing sustainable solutions. This way, we aim to contribute positively to the environment and promote a more eco-friendly approach in the cycling industry.

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Cycle Friendly Employer

On May 23, 2022 we received the Cycle Friendly Employer certificate. As a bicycle company, we think it is important to motivate our employees to take the bicycle more often and we make various facilities available for this. Because the fewer cars on the road, the better this is for the environment.

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