Oneway as Cycle Friendly Employer

On the 23rd of May, 2022, we received the esteemed Gold Certificate as a Cycle Friendly Employer. As a bicycle company, we understand the importance of encouraging our employees to choose cycling as their preferred mode of transportation. To achieve this, we have implemented various facilities to support and promote cycling within our organization.

When our employees opt for cycling to work, they not only prioritize their health and well-being but also experience increased motivation, creativity, and productivity. Regular cycling fosters physical fitness, enhances creativity, and contributes to a more enjoyable work environment. Furthermore, embracing bicycles for commuting reduces the number of cars near our premises, benefiting the environment as well.

Oneway breathes cycling. It goes without saying that employees come to work by bicycle. Some cycle about 40 or 50 kilometers in a day. That is very good to see. We use a checklist to see whether a company meets the requirements for the certificate. We see that Oneway is actually three steps further. That is why they receive the Gold Certificate.


This makes us a Cycle Friendly Employer

  • Breakfast is available every day
  • Showers and changing facilities available
  • Possibility to wash and dry cycling clothes
  • Interesting bicycle scheme for every employee
  • Workshop for repair
  • Regular fun ride-outs
  • Annual participation in the Cycle to Work Day