Sustainable packaging

We are proud to make a significant contribution to the energy transition with our bicycles. However, we understand that proper packaging is crucial to deliver bikes, parts, and accessories to our customers without any damage. At the same time, we are committed to minimizing our environmental impact by using as little plastic or harmful packaging materials as possible.

So, how do we achieve this? Allow us to explain!

Plastic-free and recyclable

All orders must of course be sent safely to our customers – be it bicycles or small accessories. We have removed all plastic from this process. For example, we have various sizes of outer boxes, so that the products fit in the box as well as possible. Does a box need to be filled? Then we will no longer use plastic to fill the boxes rattle-free, but paper. We have also replaced plastic tape with paper tape. The recipient can therefore collect and recycle the boxes without any problems or hassle.


With over 15,000 packages being shipped each month and various products coming in, pallets indeed play a crucial role in the logistics process. At Oneway, we prioritize sustainability and minimize waste by reusing EURO-pallets extensively in our transportation operations.

And here’s an interesting fact: Our damaged pallets find a new life thanks to a specialized company in Zevenhuizen called Houtvision. They either repair the pallets or repurpose them to create furniture. So, you might actually have a recycled pallet at home, which is a great example of how recycling and reusing materials can contribute to a more sustainable future. It’s satisfying to know that even our pallets are being given a second chance to serve a new purpose!