New Fulcrum Speed 25 – Peak conquering wheels

Fulcrum’s new Speed 25 marry lightness and handling in a low profile wheel, which is perfect to conquer peaks and enjoy the downhills, thanks to the application of Fulcrum’s premier technologies.

The inspiration for the development of the Speed 25 were the race-winning Racing Light XLR. An extremely successful and popular wheel both with the general public and with the professional racers who used them for mountain stages. The Speed 25 have a 26 mm profile, which is symmetrical on the front and asymmetrical on the rear, to optimise the sweet spot between lightness and aerodynamics. With an official weight of only 1,285 grams, they are the ideal wheel for cyclists looking to post their best times uphill, but also for ultra-cyclists who have to deal with adverse weather conditions and want a stable and reliable wheel even in strong gusts of wind.

The Speed 25 have been developed in a disc-brake version, with an inner rim width of 21mm and Fulcrum’s proprietary technologies, MoMag™ and DIMF. The minimally-designed hubs use USB™ ceramic bearings. Lightness, handling and smoothness are the key aspects of the wheels’ performance.


This is the main characteristic of the Speed 25. There are various factors that go into reducing the weight of a pair of wheels to only 1,285 grams, the first of which is the 26 mm profile. Moreover the rim has a DIMF matt finish directly from the mould, without paint treatments, that would obviously increase the total weight. This has been made possible by using specific resins that also protect the rim.

The minimal design of the hub makes a considerable contribution to the low weight. Its weight has been reduced and its internal and external sections have been optimised so that it is as aerodynamic as possible, as well as reliable, strong and able to withstand considerable torsional stresses.


A low profile wheel is synonymous with lightness, but also great handling and ride feel. The most significant aspect is the difference between the symmetrical front rim and asymmetrical rear rim, that guarantees excellent aerodynamics and extreme reactivity. The asymmetrical rear profile has allowed us to create better dish angles and achieve great lateral stiffness, which is fundamental in uphill sprints.

The same objective was behind the design of the flat and aerodynamic spokes of the Speed 25. In line with Fulcrum’s design philosophy of the perfect alignment of the nipple with the spoke, the spokes don’t touch. There are various advantages to this approach, made possible also thanks to the precision of Fulcrum’s technologies: constant long-term durability, resistance and stiffness, without any of the creaks that can develop when spokes rub.


The key aspect to achieving maximum performance uphill is low rolling resistance, to turn all the power generated by the cyclist into climbing speed. The USB™ ceramic bearings guarantee 50% less rolling resistance compared to standard bearings. The 2-Way Fit system lets you fit tubeless tyres without rim tape, thanks to the non-drilled bridge. The package is rounded off with Fulcrum’s construction technique based on single CNC through axes, that provide a stiff and solid base for all the internal mechanisms, guarantees maximum smoothness and stiffness.

All these aspects have been designed by approaching the whole wheel as a single object. This is what makes the Speed 25 fast and smooth not only uphill, but in all conditions, as well as extremely reliable over the long-term.