Ere Research expands range with tubeless sealant, rim tape and valves

  • ProClose new tubeless range from Ere Research
  • Sealant, rim tape and tubeless valves
  • Biodegradable, easy to use
  • Allergy free

High-end wheel and tire manufacturer Ere Research is at the forefront of developing new and innovative products. They now introduce their newest developments: ProClose Sealant, Rim Tape and Tubeless Valves. ProClose Sealant is an environmentally friendly sealant with an easy-to-use filler cap, which can quickly close small holes in the tire. The ProClose Sealant is the perfect solution for any wheel that isn’t Tubeless Ready yet, while the tubeless valves make sure the sealant is well-spread without a mess.

Easy to use and eco-friendly

With Ere ProClose Sealant, making a mess while making your wheels tubeless is a thing of the past. Ere Research has provided the bottles, available in 80, 150, 250 or 500 ml, with a no-mess filler cap. In addition, Ere supplies a valve core remover, so that the tire can be filled with the ProClose Sealant without additional tools. Hoses or syringes are no longer necessary.

ProClose Sealant immediately seals leaks with the help of microparticles, contains no ammonia and is completely biodegradable. This makes the sealant, in addition to being user-friendly, also an eco-friendly solution for tubeless cycling. It doesn’t contain latex, making the sealant allergy-free. Non-toxic volatiles ensure a longer shelf life – a minimum of 26 months in the bottle and 2 to 3 months in the band. ProClose Sealant can be used on inner tubes and tubeless tires, such as the Tubeless Ready tires from Ere Research.

Make any rim tubeless

Ere Research already equips its wheels with Ere rim tape to make it Tubeless Ready, but that’s not always the case with other wheels. The new ProClose Rim Tape is the perfect solution. The wheel manufacturer has widened the rim tape slightly to provide an edge-to-edge air seal that prevents sealant from creeping out of the rim edge. At the same time, practical size markings on the tape itself help with the correct size and you can choose between three different widths – 21, 23 and 25 mm. That makes ProClose Rim Tape suitable for every wheel. One roll contains 10 meters of rim tape – enough to fit four single-layer rims or two double-layer rims.

ProClose tubeless valves complete the package

The Ere ProClose Sealant and newly-made Tubeless Ready wheels also need a good tubeless valve. That’s why Ere Research introduces a new set of CNC machined tubeless valves. The ProClose Tubeless Valves ensure that the sealant is properly distributed vertically and horizontally. That way, it also accommodates tyre inserts. The outer valve cap features a knurled grip surface that you can also use to unscrew the valve core. The inner valve head has a hex key entry hole so you can properly install the valve with an Allen key. The ProClose Tubeless Valves come in three different sizes: 40, 50 and 60 mm.

Sealant and rim tape now available

The sealant and rim tape from Ere Research are now available at The valves are expected in October. Ere Research also offers a compact counter display to put the sealant in the spotlight in the store.

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