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    Pumps, tools, tire repair, bags, bottle cages, led lights, GPS computers

Engineered Design

Lezyne is a combination of a love for cycling and a passion for design – Exquisitely designed, intelligently engineered, and functionally complete. The extensive product range includes all accessories you may need on the road or in preparation of a bike ride – from pumps, multitools and bags to led lights and GPS computers.

Lezyne was founded on March 1st, 2007, by industry icon (and German native) Micki Kozuschek. Lezyne’s goal was to engineer and produce premium quality accessories that meet the same high standards as high-end bicycle components. In few words, Lezyne’s goal was Engineered Design.

Today, the goal remains the same and Lezyne is now a cycling accessories industry leader with award winning products worldwide. Innovative products like the CNC Floor Drive with its secure ABS chuck connection, the Carbon Road Drive with light-weight Full Carbon Technology, and multi tools using Center-Pivot bit design set Lezyne apart and ahead of the competition.


Lezyne is working hard to reduce its ecological footprint. Not only by releasing sustainable products, but also by reviewing the packaging. The new packaging is now recyclable, with the cardboard made from 100% recycled bamboo, entirely according to Rainforest Alliance standards. Each package is provided with their seal of approval. That makes making a sustainable choice even easier.

The plastic protection in which the products arrive at the dealer consists of compostable starch. Not as waterproof as the lights themselves, but definitely “engineered design”. In addition, the closing strips, which are used to fasten the products to the cardboard, are no longer made of plastic, but of paper.


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