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No nonsense bike maintenance

Juice Lubes offer premium quality high-performance lubricants, fluids and cleaners, all designed and manufactured in the UK to help speed up maintenance so you can spend more time on your bike and less time cleaning and repairing it. The main benefit of good bike maintenance is that it helps to extend the lifespan of components, which of course saves you money in the long run as it allows your components to run at optimal performance. Juice Lubes have everything from brake fluid to chain lubricant to help keep your parts well-oiled and clean.

The added benefit of using Juice Lubes products is that they have been engineered to go a long way so you don’t need to apply large amounts in order for it to do a good job. This means the cost per application of Juice Lubes, which is more important than the cost per ml, is actually much lower than you might realise.

Another plus is the sustainability of Juice Lubes products. Juice Lubes has been busy with making their products as good as possible. That means striking a balance between the best performance and the least impact on the environment. Given the requirements of some products, there are certain items in the range that simply cannot be made more environmentally friendly without compromising on performance. These items will remain as they are for now. However, the list of non-biodegradable products is getting smaller and together with the geeks in the lab they work hard to find solutions where possible.

Currently, the following products are biodegradable, and the list will continue to grow:

  • Dirt Juice
  • Dirt Juice Super
  • Dirt Juice Boss
  • Frame Juice
  • Matt Finish Detailer
  • Chain Juice Dry
  • Handjuice
  • JL69

The biodegradable products are easy to recognize by the Eco logo on the packaging.



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