The best performance that modern technology can offer

From wheels for pro racing bikes through to those for mountain bikes, the Fulcrum range offers a wide, complete selection that meets the different needs of any kind of cyclist. Quality, performance and reliability are the pillars of everything Fulcrum does.

Since 2004, Fulcrum has developed wheels for bikes with a sole, constant objective in mind: to deliver the best performance that modern technology can offer. A large part of this task is the responsibility of the R&D division engineering team in Italy. However, if you want to create ever faster wheels, you cannot focus solely on test bench results, you also need to gain feedback from top riders and cycling fans worldwide.

“And this is what we do: we race our bikes during lunch breaks or after work, we test our wheels by pushing them to the max, fitting them to the bikes of world champions, and listening to suggestions and comments from the world of racing and from our clients.”

As of 2022, Fulcrum offers a full range of wheels, including Road, MTB, E-MTB and Gravel, standing out from the pack because of their excellent engineering, reliability and performance.

Quality, performance and reliability

The wheelsets made by Fulcrum are the results of meticulous in-house research & development and severe testing protocols. Whichever material you choose, aluminium or carbon, you can be sure of having the distinctive character of Fulcrum’s wheels.

From high-end professional super wheels to best-value budget-friendly wheelsets, Fulcrum pursues the optimal engineering combination of materials and technology to produce the best road, gravel, and MTB wheels possible and keep you focused on the road or trail ahead and riding consistently.

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